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July 17th, 2017 was a big day for 10-year-old Wyatt Young! He was with his family at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, when he spotted a bottle with a note inside:

Wyatt Young with Message in a Bottle from Madelyn - Credit Jenny Young

Wyatt Young with his Message in a Bottle find. Photo: Jenny Young

A beautiful find! Amazingly, the note inside was in nearly perfect condition. It is signed by Madelyn, but not dated. There is even a phone number from the 919 area code (Raleigh, North Carolina).

Madelyn Message in a Bottle found by Wyatt Young - Credit Jenny Young

Message in a Bottle from Madelyn, found by Wyatt Young. Photo: Jenny Young

Naturally, Wyatt and his mom Jenny called the number.

Instead of Madelyn, they reached a man who said he’d had the number for about 5 years, and didn’t know anyone named Madelyn. Bummer!

This means its up to us to help Wyatt solve this mystery and find Madelyn. Please share this to help spread the word! We’ve done it before, my friends! I know that with persistence, we can help Wyatt find Madelyn.

Madelyn, your message in a bottle has been found!