Incredible True Stories of Bottled Notes

True Stories of Bottled Messages

True stories of messages in bottles

Message in a bottle from three German ladies on a cruise. Story here.

If you ask me, each and every message in a bottle that connects people is inspiring and wonderful. I just love these floating notes, which I guess is why I blog about them all the time. I even love the myths! But I especially love true stories of bottled messages that really connected people–that gave perfect strangers a chance to meet, become friends, save one another, fall in love–you name it, it has come out of a bottle.

Among the thousands of stories I have encountered in my 10+ years researching messages in bottles, a few really stand out. From true love stories to beautiful friendships, from rescue on the high seas to letters from doomed soldiers, these true stories are some of my favorites.

This is a collection of messages in bottles that are–or should be–among the most famous ever found. You can check out the stories by using the dropdown menu above, or clicking the links below. Enjoy!

Married Via Message in a Bottle: Annie Rivet and Niels Elffers