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As fond as I am of finding and responding to messages in bottles, I am not the best at listening to or responding to voice messages on my phone. I know, I know. That’s bad of me…

But it seems I am not alone in this bad habit!

In late January, 2017, Vince Stango (cool name, hey?) was walking along the beach in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, when he spotted a bottle with paper inside.


Stuart’s Message in a Bottle, found by Vince Stango. Photo Courtesy: Peter Ackerman / Asbury Park Press

The message is interesting…according to Asbury Park Press, it reads: “Found the bottle? Read this note? I’m Stuart, if you wish, call or mail me. Speak or mail soon. England Stuart.”

At first, I thought that meant the sender’s first name was England, and his surname was Stuart. But, on closer inspection, the phone number in the message definitely includes England’s country code, 44. We are looking for someone named Stuart, who lives in England.

Vince Stango says he has called the number and left a message explaining his find. But here we are, almost two weeks later, and he hasn’t received a reply! So, I’m sending this post out into the world to help reach Stuart who may, like myself, be simply terrible at listening to and responding to voice messages, much as we both seem to enjoy messages in bottles…

So there you go! Please spread this message to reach Stuart. Vince is waiting to hear back!


Vince Stango with his dogs. They found Stuart’s message in a bottle. Photo Courtesy: Peter Ackerman / Asbury Park Press