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Drawing in a Bottle – A Mysterious Message

Gemma Dunstan and her boyfriend recently found a mysterious message in a bottle and are looking for help locating the sender. It is not so much a message in a bottle as a drawing in a bottle…

Drawing in a Bottle: Gemma Dunstan and Her Boyfriend Roddy on the Beach.

Photo: Gemma Dunstan.

After years of finding and researching messages in bottles, I have come to realize that there are as many motives for sending them as people on earth. Yet, I still wonder: What is the motive behind sending something like a drawing in a bottle with no identifying information? I count myself lucky that when I found art in a bottle, John Piper included his contact info (click here for that story).

Gemma is trying to solve just such a mystery in England right now. Here is the bottle she found on a walk with her boyfriend along Devon’s north coast.

Drawing in a Bottle: The Message in a Bottle as Gemma Dunstan Found it on Devon's North Coast.

The message in a bottle as Gemma found it. Photo: Gemma Dunstan.

The bottle held an unusual “message”. In fact, it contained a large piece of paper covered completely in a sketch of a face. Gemma describes it as the face of “an old man.” To me, it almost looks like two different half-sketches: there appear to be two noses, and the eyes and eyebrows look a little different to me. Maybe this sketch is meant to represent two faces? What do you think?

Drawing in a Bottle: Pencil Sketch Found in a Bottle by Gemma Dunstan.

This is the drawing Gemma found inside the bottle. Creepy! Photo: Gemma Dunstan.

The Search for the Artist Behind the Drawing in a Bottle

Now, she’s trying to figure out who drew this face / these faces and why?

One of the only clues is something resembling a signature and possibly a number in one corner of the paper.

Drawing in a Bottle: Corner of Pencil Sketch Found in a Bottle by Gemma Dunstan.

Is that a number? A signature? Photo: Gemma Dunstan.

So far, neither Gemma nor I have identified any clear contact information on the sketch…

I’ve seen this happen a million times, and the only hope for finding the sender is to share these images online as much as we can, in hopes that the artist behind the sketch will recognize their work and come forward. Gemma needs your help, folks!

Let’s do it!

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