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Every now and then, I will be posting “mystery messages”. These are messages in bottles whose senders I cannot find—and I need your help!

Sometimes, mystery messages do not contain enough information. For example, Ed and Carol Meyers’ message, which only included their names—no contact info. Luckily, Cathy Dyson was able to unite us!

Other times, mystery messages are simply inscrutable—that is, they are totally, completely confusing:

What does this message say?! Baaahhh!!!

When this happens, I am disconsolate. For days, I mope:

All message and no contact info make Clint a grumpy boy…

And all I can do is hope that some out there can put me in contact with the sender.

So…can you? What do you make of this message in a bottle:

Help! Yes–that’s CLOTH.  And a Gordon’s Gin bottle top.

It says:

“Ever Gucilatar


Infanta, Quezon