Message in a Bottle: Wedding Vows Cast Adrift


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In 2012, according to The Olympian, Mattie and Jake Harrison sealed their wedding vows to each other in a bottle and set them adrift to mark the start of their journey through life together.


Mattie and Jake Harrison with the letters they wrote to each other for their wedding, before sending them out to sea. Photo Courtesy: Mattie and Jake Harrison / The Olympian

Mattie told The Olympian, “The water means a lot to my husband and I…It’s a big part of our story.”

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Message in a Bottle: Stuart From England Has Been Found!


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It seems Asbury Park Press was able to track down the sender of the message in a bottle discovered recently on Long Beach Island. The finder was Vince Stango, who “runs a software and IT consulting firm” according to APP; the sender was Stuart Brown, retired engineer, of Yorkshire, UK. The men have exchanged text messages since the find.


Stuart Brown’s Message in a Bottle. Photo Courtesy: Asbury Park Press / Vince Stango

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Message in a Bottle: Calling Stuart from England!


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As fond as I am of finding and responding to messages in bottles, I am not the best at listening to or responding to voice messages on my phone. I know, I know. That’s bad of me…

But it seems I am not alone in this bad habit!

In late January, 2017, Vince Stango (cool name, hey?) was walking along the beach in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, when he spotted a bottle with paper inside.


Stuart’s Message in a Bottle, found by Vince Stango. Photo Courtesy: Peter Ackerman / Asbury Park Press

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Help Solve This Lithuanian Message in a Bottle! Seeking Žygis, Aivaras, and Modesta or Modestas!


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One day in 2013, a young woman named Jess and her dog were walking along the beach on the UK’s east coast.


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46 Year Old Message in a Bottle From Scottish “Donkeyman” Found on Small German Island


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My friends, we have a mystery to solve!

On January 12th, 2017, Nomo Online published a brief article–just a wee little paragraph–about a man named Bernd Igwerks who had just found a message in a bottle sent in 1970.


Bernd Igwerks, with the 46 Year Old Message in a Bottle He Found. Photo courtesy: Nomo Online /

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Archives of the Sea: “A Message From a Wrecked Bark”


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What is a “Bark,” you ask?

Ya’ll, this is a Bark!


19th Century 3-masted Bark or Barque Style Sailing Ship. Photo from Library of Congress.

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One Bright Side of 2016? Messages in Bottles, and the Friendships They Created.


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Rebecca Whittaker discovered a note in a bottle while walking along Widemouth Bay on November 16th, 2016. After posting a photo of the message online, she connected with the 12 year old sender, Ciara, from Ireland.


Ciara’s Message in a Bottle

Ciara then sent Rebecca a card wishing her Continue reading

The Mystery of Messages in Bottles


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I was just thinking about fate and mystery…

I am often asked whether I feel like it is “fate” when I find a message in a bottle, or meet a sender. Continue reading

9 Great Messages in Bottles From 2016



1. A Poem in a Bottlealexi-nelson-message-in-a-bottle

Photo Credit: Alexi Nelson /

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Bizarre Beach Finds of 2016


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NASA estimates there are about 372,000 miles of coastline in the world. That provides a LOT of space for bizarre things to wash up. 2016 did not disappoint when it came to bizarre stuff washing ashore. Here’s a list of some of the strangest beach finds of 2016. Continue reading