Message in a Bottle / Flaschenpost Found! Seeking Jens & Silke, Jirko, Ines & Rudiger, and R. & Lo. Lenz


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Y’all have helped me solve some incredible mysteries. Like the 46 year old note from “Donkeyman” Jimmy Robertson, and the 7 year old message in a bottle from Sabine of Dusseldorf, Germany. Couldn’t have solved those without your help!

I need your help again! We’re gonna solve a “cold case” this time–a message in a bottle found by Stefanie Padilla on Hermosa Beach, CA,  in 2013. In fact, she found EIGHT messages inside one bottle, all from German-speaking folks.

Stefanie Strobel Message in a Bottle on Beach Photo by Chelsea Sektnan With Credit.jpg

In fact, Stefanie discovered the bottled notes as they floated to shore! Can you believe it? Here’s the bottle, on it’s way in: Continue reading


What a Message in a Bottle Taught Me About Women’s Fight for the Right to Fight


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One of the most remarkable messages in a bottle I’ve ever heard of comes from the archives of the The Warnambool Standard in March 1916.

It was written by Private R. Lock of the Australian military, who wrote in the message of a “girl” who had recently been discovered aboard his ship. She had been “masquerading” as a man in order to fight for her country.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 8.22.16 AM

Her reward? She was Continue reading

Message in a Bottle Found: Wedding Vows to Danielle Wash Ashore in Cancun


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A while back, a reader wrote to me of a lovely message in a bottle he and his wife had found while they were on vacation at Excellence Riviera Cancun north of Puerto Morelos, Mexico, in November of 2014. And now, finally, we are trying to find the person who sent that message in a bottle–but we need your help!

Here’s where the bottle was found:


Continue reading

Message in a Bottle Found: “Bless Lisa / You Are My Hero” Help find the Sender!


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On the morning of July 26th, 2016, Kristin Morin was out for a walk on Cape Neddick beach in York, Maine, with two of her four children. The out-of-the-way beach was quiet, and the tide was low. Perfect beachcombing conditions.

Where Kristin Morin Found her Message in a Bottle.png

“There’s an exposed sand bar,” Kristin wrote in her message to Continue reading

1930s Message in a Bottle Reunites Indianapolis Woman With Grandfather


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When Ashley Guerra of J2LR General Contractors in Indianapolis wrote to tell me of her company’s 87 year old message in a bottle discovery, I was dumbfounded. You see–they didn’t find their message in a bottle on a beach. Instead, their crew found it while digging up a construction site at 10th and Emerson in Indy.

The tiny bottle contained a single piece of paper inscribed on both sides. The front side is hard to read. It appears to simply be a “work ticket”. It shows the business brand and logo, but the handwriting is faded beyond readability:


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Scottish Author of 46 Year Old Message in a Bottle Has Been Found!


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Well it was a long hard search, but we did it! We found “Donkeyman” James Robertson who sent a message in a bottle 46 years ago!

The story about James Robertson’s message broke in early January when Bernd Igwerks found the half-century old bottled note washed ashore on the small German island of Norderney.


Bernd Igwerks, with the 46 Year Old Message in a Bottle He Found. Photo courtesy: Nomo Online /

I knew right away that there had to be special story behind this bottle–and a special person. Turns out Continue reading

Message in a Bottle Archives of the Sea: 42 Days on Beer and Cake


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On January 30th, 1895, a German steamship called Elbe was in the North Sea, making her way from Bremerhaven to New York carrying 354 passengers.


SS Elbe

In the predawn hours of January 31st, she was accidentally rammed by Continue reading

Message in a Bottle: Wedding Vows Cast Adrift


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In 2012, according to The Olympian, Mattie and Jake Harrison sealed their wedding vows to each other in a bottle and set them adrift to mark the start of their journey through life together.


Mattie and Jake Harrison with the letters they wrote to each other for their wedding, before sending them out to sea. Photo Courtesy: Mattie and Jake Harrison / The Olympian

Mattie told The Olympian, “The water means a lot to my husband and I…It’s a big part of our story.”

Continue reading

Message in a Bottle: Stuart From England Has Been Found!


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It seems Asbury Park Press was able to track down the sender of the message in a bottle discovered recently on Long Beach Island. The finder was Vince Stango, who “runs a software and IT consulting firm” according to APP; the sender was Stuart Brown, retired engineer, of Yorkshire, UK. The men have exchanged text messages since the find.


Stuart Brown’s Message in a Bottle. Photo Courtesy: Asbury Park Press / Vince Stango

Asbury Park Press was able to make out the phone numbers Continue reading

Message in a Bottle: Calling Stuart from England!


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As fond as I am of finding and responding to messages in bottles, I am not the best at listening to or responding to voice messages on my phone. I know, I know. That’s bad of me…

But it seems I am not alone in this bad habit!

In late January, 2017, Vince Stango (cool name, hey?) was walking along the beach in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, when he spotted a bottle with paper inside.


Stuart’s Message in a Bottle, found by Vince Stango. Photo Courtesy: Peter Ackerman / Asbury Park Press

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