“Tico Polo” Message in a Bottle / Mensaje en una Botella from Colombian Tallship ARC Gloria Found!


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A Message Hidden in Plain Sight

As I mentioned in my post on Message in a Bottle Day 2017, my dad opened this bottle he had found earlier in the year.

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Gerda from Hamburg’s 1994 Message in a Bottle / Flaschenpost Found!


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aA Fragile Message in a Bottle

As I mentioned in my post on Message in a Bottle Day 2017, my brother, Evan, found this message in a bottle back in 2015 when we were on a family adventure together.

dEvan Buffington with German Message in a Bottle

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Dear Lily from 16th Street in Fort Lauderdale: I found your message in a bottle!


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An Extremely Lucky Find

On Message in a Bottle Day 2017, I opened this bottle I had found buried in the sand on a deserted Caribbean island back in 2015.

Message in a bottle from Lily of Ft. Lauderdale on the beach

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Message in a Bottle Day 2017


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Message in a Bottle Day 2017

Like any family, my family has some strange holiday traditions. But the strangest has got to be Message in a Bottle Day.

Buffington messages in bottles waiting to be opened

Buffington family messages in bottles, waiting to be opened.

We all have jobs and responsibilities, so when we find messages in bottles, we can’t always open them right away. They are, after all, irreplaceable and fragile, and usually require a lot of time and care during the opening and preserving process. We’d rather wait and be safe than get in a hurry and ruin our chances. Continue reading

1993 Message in a Bottle Mystery from Grand Lake, OK / Woodbridge, VA Solved!


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1993 Grand Lake Message in a Bottle Sender from Woodbridge, VA Found – Now Lives in Missouri

Wooohooo!!!!! Sarah Hendrickson (Lindgren, today) has been found after her message in a bottle floated around for 23 years and ended up in Grand Lake, Oklahoma! She lived in Woodbridge, VA when the bottle was sent back in 1993, and it was thought she might still be in the area. Ultimately, the mystery was solved through Facebook, but not the way you might be thinking. I’ll tell you about it–but first, meet Sarah and Shane!

Sarah Hendrickson / Lindgren with Partner Shane

Sarah and her partner Shane. Photo: Sarah Lindgren / Facebook

Thanks to everyone who shared the story of Aimee Gelinas finding Sarah’s bottle, it ended up getting noticed by the lovely and wonderful Search Squad! The Search Squad is a Facebook group who help others find people they are looking for (if you are ever in need of their top-notch people-finding skills, click here to get to their Facebook page where you can submit a request for help). As you can imagine, this facilitates some inspiring and beautiful reunions–like this one.
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Sarah Hendrickson from Woodbridge Virginia: Your Message in a Bottle has been Found!

1993 Message in a Bottle Found in Oklahoma Lake from Sarah Hendrickson

Hi all! Just a quick post today in hopes of reaching Sarah Hendrickson of Woodbridge, Virginia. According to Tulsa’s 2 News that back in 1993, she sent a message in a bottle in a lake in Oklahoma. This week, it was found by Aimee Gelinas and her husband Josh while they were gathering driftwood for their landscaping business.

Aimee is super excited about the find, and told 2 News in Tulsa “I hope that she reaches out to me–I think I would even travel to give it to her wherever she might be…I’m so excited to hand it back to her!”

Interestingly, Woodbridge, VA., is just up the road from Fredericksburg, where Ed and Carol Meyers were married a year before they sent a message in a bottle I found 🙂

Here’s hoping we can find Sarah and learn why she sent her message in a bottle!

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***UPDATE! This message in a bottle has been solved! Click here for the second part of the story 🙂