Seeking Author of Kleenex Message in a Bottle from Cleveland, Ohio!



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Kleenex Message in a Bottle Nearly Trashed

That’s right: I found a Kleenex message in a bottle. And I almost threw it away…

In addition to messages, I find lots of bizarre stuff in washed-up bottles. Toothbrushes? Check. A zillion cigarette butts? Check. Human hair? Check. So when I find something that looks like a napkin in a bottle, it’s not all that shocking. I usually open it up just to make sure it’s not a message in a bottle. When it turns out to be trash, I cart it off and recycle it.

But there was something about this one bottle I found a while back. As you can see, the paper inside looks a little unusual. It is not the normal rolled-up scroll of printer paper or stationery. In fact, it just looks like a napkin or paper towel or Kleenex tissue.

And yet… It’s not exactly wadded up, is it?

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18 Year Old Message in a Bottle Found in Nova Scotia Connects Across Generations


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A Surprising Find on a Nova Scotia Beach

11-year-old Dallas Goreham of Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia was at the beach with his father and grandmother, looking for sea glass, when he found something quite different–a plastic bottle containing letter nearly twice as old as himself. As with any good message-in-a-bottle story, there was a bit of mystery in the bottle, too. The 18 year old message in a bottle was signed by Rita who included a non-functional email address. But who was Rita? And where was she?

The 18 year old message in a bottle found by Dallas Goreham.

The 18 year old message in a bottle found by Dallas Goreham. Photo: Goreham Family.

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Message in a Book Mystery: Looking for Lori


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Message in a Book Found in Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Here’s a head scratcher for you: A 26-year-old message in a book has been found in Message in a Bottle. Yep. You read that right! This week, A copy of Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks bought in a Plymouth, NH thrift store was found to contain a mysterious letter, an obituary, and three memorial cards, according to NH1. Now, Kaycee Travis, who bought the book and found the letter, cards, and obituary inside is looking for the owner of the letter. She signed her name only as Lori. Continue reading

Want to Solve a Tasmanian Message in a Bottle Mystery? Find Reece of Launceston!


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Tasmanian Message in a Bottle Mystery Surfaces at Macquarie Harbour

Here’s a delightful little Tasmanian message in a bottle mystery for you: A bottled note has been found at Tasmania’s Regatta Point, according to The Advocate. An 11-year-old named Reece set the letter adrift in Macquarie Harbour in 2016. The message in a bottle was part of a project at Reece’s school–Launceston’s Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. In contrast to the many messages in bottles are sadly quite short and bereft of detail, Reece’s is great! It’s lengthy, detailed, imaginative… Here’s Max Morphett with his find, followed by a transcription of the visible part of the message: Continue reading

#NolansGift Message in a Bottle Inspires Strangers to Pay it Forward in Nicholas Sparks Country


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#NolansGift Message in a Bottle Found on Bald Head Island, North Carolina, Inspires Random Acts of Kindness

Among the many magical powers of messages in bottles, my favorite is their ability to bring out the best in people. That, and their ability to connect total strangers in powerful, meaningful ways. The story of the McGee family’s message in a bottle is one of the most beautiful and inspiring stories I have ever heard, and also one of the most heartbreaking. It began when Kara McGee and her husband Marshall tragically lost their first son at birth in March of 2012, according to WECT 6 News in North Carolina. The McGees have gone on to have two healthy boys, and they have a small family celebration each March to commemorate Nolan, the son they lost. This year, they decided to participate in a sort of “pay it forward” phenomenon called the “Five Dollar Fairy”. As Kara explained to WECT, she and her family put $5 bills into envelopes and handed them out to strangers. But they envelopes also contained letters. Kara told WECT “(We) put the story of Nolan inside with the money, and the hashtag #Nolan’sGift.” The idea is to make someone’s day and encourage them to pay it forward by making someone else’s day. On April 1st, 2018 the McGees tried something different. Instead of a letter, they sent out a #NolansGift message in a bottle. Continue reading

Message in a Bottle to a Beautiful Mind Found Near Port Townsend, Washington


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Message in a Bottle to a Beautiful Mind Found Near Seattle, Washington

I am always intrigued by the sentiments people decide to include in messages in bottles. I don’t send them myself (I co-signed one, once), but I imagine I would be long-winded, philosophizing about life, the universe, and everything. However, loads of people prefer to be far briefer. Some don’t write words at all–they only include drawings, like this message in a bottle found in England recently. Another drawing included just a few words and washed ashore recently in Westport, Washington, just southwest from Seattle & Port Townsend. Well, this week, a message in a bottle was found by Laurel Burik on Indian Island near Port Townsend, and not too terribly far from Seattle, according to the PT Leader. The letter inside was quite brief–more of a declaration than a letter. It said, simply, “I am in love with a beautiful mind.” Isn’t that a sweet thing to say? I guess it’s not so much a message in a bottle to a beautiful mind as a message in a bottle honoring a beautiful mind.  Continue reading