Century-Old Message in a Bottle Discovered Under Floorboards of CT Homestead House

My goodness, what a breathtaking story I just stumbled upon.

Imagine finding a 95 year old message in a bottle.

Now imagine that you found this message in a bottle IN YOUR HOUSE. Not just in your house, but hidden under the floorboards of the bedroom you grew up in. It was there the whole time!

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.37.22 PM.png

The 95 year old Wheeler message in a bottle. Photo credit: Jean B. Evans

On top of that–this isn’t just some random message in a bottle sent by a stranger.

No, this 95 year old message in a bottle was hidden by your own ancestors!

If you can imagine the above scenario, you might get close to the sense of wonder felt by Jean B. Evans, under whose bedroom the bottle was found.

The bottle was discovered in 1974, and in 2011, Jean wrote a brief blog post about the experience. You simply must read it. Click here!

Have YOU found a message in a bottle?

Did you or someone you know find a message in a bottle? I would love to hear about it, share your story, and help you find the sender!

Email me through the “Contact” link and we’ll take it from there🙂



Lost & Hound: 7 Dogs Who Have Found Messages in Bottles

I love dogs. One thing I find so appealing about them is their remarkable curiosity. I know dogs who simply can’t sniff enough things in this life to be satisfied. Some of 9/11’s greatest heroes were dogs (and their handlers) who worked tirelessly to find people in the wreckage. This is to say nothing of the countless other natural disasters in which dogs have saved so many lives, including earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and more. When dogs and humans work together, we can accomplish amazing things. Just ask the ancient people who domesticated dogs to help with tasks like hunting, herding, and protecting home.

With all that in mind, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that so many dogs have found messages in bottles–but it still flips me out! So here’s a post dedicated to the pups who have found some truly fascinating messages in bottles–and at least one who saved a life.
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Mystery Message #7: “Taken Prisoner by a Grumpy Old Man”

This post is named inaccurately. See, this was actually the first mystery message I solved–not the seventh!

It was 2007, and I had just found my very first messages in bottles. I couldn’t believe it was happening–this thing I’d dreamed of for years (finding a message in a bottle) had suddenly become a reality. Crazy!
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Mystery Message #6: Two Names in a Medicine Bottle

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Messages in Bottles, Social Media, and Online Dating

A lot of folks like to compare messages in bottles to social media—particularly Facebook. Reporters often suggest that sending a message in a bottle is like the original “friend request” and that responding to one is like accepting it.

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Seeking Ray from Philadelphia!

Howdy folks! Today’s post is a brief one, because it’s only part of a story, and it’s mainly a plea for your help. Here it is: I found a message in a bottle from someone named Ray who lives in Philadelphia, but I need help finding Ray!

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