Unsolved Messages in Bottles

Help Solve a Message in a Bottle

Messages in bottles are exciting to find and just as exciting to solve. Problem is, I can’t always solve them on my own! So here’s your chance to help. If you think you might have information about any of the “mystery messages” listed here, please contact me through the “Social & Contact” page! Some of these were found by me, and some are mystery messages found by others who would be very grateful for your help.

If you are here because you need help connecting with the person on the other end of a message in a bottle you have found or sent, click here to drop me a line!

My Unsolved Messages in Bottles

1. Mystery of the Crazy Dollar Bill


2. Christopher from the Gripsholm AKA Sagafjord


3. Mystery of the “Beautiful Terrorist”


4. Mysterious Photos From Cameras Found on The Beach


5. Ramon Soler Deliz and Angela Guerra – Two Names in a Medicine Bottle


6. Ray from Philadelphia SOLVED! Click here for the story!

7. Message on a Kleenex in a bottle from Cleveland, Ohio. 


Unsolved Messages in Bottles Found By Others

1. “Donkeyman” James Robertson, 46 Year Old Message in a Bottle –SOLVED with your help! Click here to read the story.


2. Stefanie’s Message in a Bottle – German Wishes for Health, Happiness, and Good Fortune from Jirko, Jens & Silke


3. Wedding Vows to Danielle


4. “Bless Lisa / You Are My Hero”


5. Gabriel Dalrymple’s Find–A message in a bottle saying goodbye to Ashton:

Unsolved Messages in Bottles - Goodbye to Ashton.

6. Kaye Howe’s find: A mysterious star in a bizarre bottle:

Unsolved messages in bottles - Star in a Bottle

7. Sydney Anstee Sent a Bottle in 1986 Giving a Wiltshire UK Address:


8. Paul Southworth’s bizarre 1987 message in a bottle which he discovered in a California lake. The message, written by an Italian man and a German man, claims it was sent from France.

9. A message in a shell, discovered on a Florida beach. Signed by Shane and Jolene.

10. 35 year old message in a bottle from Nigel Hanlon of Western Australia.  Where is Nigel?

11. Lt. Col. Eugene J. McNamara’s 1948 message in a bottle. Where is his family today?

12. “These facts may surprise you…” Message in a bottle discovered in a river in New York.

13. Seeking Socorra from Philadelphia!

14. Mysterious photo of two men in a bottle found on Belgian shore. Do you recognize them?

15. Dora Taylor from Temple, TX. Message in a bottle found in Belton Lake.