Old Message in a Bottle Traced to Sunderland Seaman Paddy Taylor!


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Sunderland Seaman Paddy Taylor’s Message in a Bottle Has Been Solved!

Well, friends and neighbors – and I mean that literally for folks in Sunderland’s Town End Farm – a bit of message in a bottle magic has happened! The astute and clever Sue Taylor took one look my Facebook post sharing the bedraggled message in a bottle I found from someone in Sunderland and realized that the the handwriting looked familiar… So she passed her phone to her partner, Paddy Taylor, for a look. At once, Paddy realized that the last name was not “THYLE” or anything like it. No, it was his own last name: TAYLOR! And the author of this message in a bottle? None other than the world-traveling, Sunderland seaman Paddy Taylor himself! Continue reading


Will New Details Solve Decades-Old Sunderland Message In A Bottle?


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Sunderland Message in a Bottle Update

Ohhhhh MAN!!! Do you remember when I posted about this 1970s message in a bottle from Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, in northeast England?

Clint Buffington with Sunderland message in a bottle on the beach.

Clint Buffington with Sunderland message in a bottle on the beach.

Well, I dug it up recently to take another crack at it. I just can’t give up on this battered old message in a bottle. It’s so fragile that it would literally explode into a cloud of dust if you sneezed on it. And yet, it’s someone’s dream…someone’s memory…And I mean to find them.

Continue reading

French Paddleboarders, A Message In A Bottle, and A Dream Come True


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The Odyssey of Three French Paddleboarders and a Message in a Bottle

Imagine this:

Night in the North Atlantic ocean. Black blue so dark, deep, and boundless you wouldn’t know which way is up if not for the stars exploding out of the unthinkable black canopy above you. The water frigid, the waves relentless.

You are on a paddleboard 50 centimeters wide, over a thousand miles from land. You started paddling off the coast of Canada, pointed toward France. With two teammates, you trade off paddling for two hours at a time, and you never get more than an hour or two of sleep between shifts. Your goal: Cross the Atlantic ocean using nothing but the power of your arms, and the board. After more than three weeks of nonstop paddling, you are only halfway there… Continue reading

FOUND: Owner of Lost Seafaring Mystery Camera!


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Owner of Seafaring Mystery Camera Surfaces At Last


Meet sisters Sally Bryan Cullen (left), Meg Files (middle), and Sue Reimer, the owner of the camera (right).Sally, Meg, and Sue On Ship Continue reading

Camera Lost At Sea For 3.5 Years Reveals Travelers’ Photos


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Camera Lost At Sea Found On Deserted Caribbean Island, October, 2013.

An endless white beach stretches to the horizon in both directions. Turquoise water shushes and laps at the sand. Cartoonishly perfect white clouds puff along through an impossibly blue sky. A fin slices through the glinting waves–a shark, hunting. Overhead, an osprey hunts. Below and above the water, everything is hunting, hunting.

There stands my dad – salty beard, seared skin, eyes scanning every square inch of sand. Hunting. For treasure? No–for trash. It’s what we do.

An odd shimmer catches his eye. He stalks over and picks up the surprising object: A silver digital camera, sealed inside a gleaming waterproof case… and it’s dry inside! Continue reading

Cole Adams Intercepts 1986 Message in a Bottle: Seeking Bobby Narra!


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Valparaiso Safety Cole Adams Intercepts a 1986 Message in a Bottle

My nephew, Cole Adams, spends a lot of time crushing things–mostly the dreams of his football opponents! But at our last family Thanksgiving before COVID, he used his beefy football strength to crush something a little different: an old message in a bottle he found on a Caribbean beach way back in 2018. Now, he needs help finding the author.

Cole has just finished his senior year at Oak Ridge High School in Tennessee in the midst of the worst global pandemic in generations, after helping take ORHS to second in state in their division in the fall, when he played as #23, at Slotback, H-back, WR, and FS (See highlights here). And, the big news: He’s signed as a safety with Valparaiso for the coming year!

Cole Adams Valparaiso Safety Finds Message in a Bottle Continue reading