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Friends and neighbors, imagine my surprise when I found a message in a bottle from my favorite beer company, Guinness!

Check it out:

I was walking along with my dad on a deserted island when I found my first ever message in a bottle, which is the blue one in this photo I’ve shown before:

But that wasn’t the only message in a bottle I found that day.  At the back of the beach, among the bushes, I spotted this bottle with its incredible embossing.  In that photo above, you can see it squatting in front of the others.

I knew what it was right away, because my mom and dad had found an identical bottle the year before.  I was heartbroken to find that the cap was not on the bottle… and stunned when I looked inside.

There, half-covered in sand that had blown into the bottle, were three little scrolls rolled up—still intact!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This message in a bottle was 48 years old!  How many of those years had the cap been missing?  Long enough for the bottle to become partially filled with sand…but how long was that?!

In my next post, I’m going to share images of the original messages, images of the messages my parents found inside their bottle, and other cool stuff!  For now, I hope you’ll take a minute to participate in this toootally non-biased poll regarding beer preference.