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Dora Taylor’s Message in a Bottle Found in Belton Lake

A lovely and mysterious message in a bottle has been found in Texas’s Belton Lake! It is lovely because it was written with the imagination and heart of a 12 year old girl–and mysterious because the letter is not dated, and both the bottle and letter look fairly old (I’m guessing 10 – 25 years) and no one seems to know where the author is today. All we know is that when she sent her message in Belton Lake, Dora Taylor lived in Temple, Texas. Temple is a bit south of Waco and Dallas / Ft. Worth. Priscilla Caldwell first shared the story on her Facebook page, explaining “My Aunt Priscilla found this…message in a bottle at Lake Belton!” Well, kudos to Priscilla! Now, it’s up to all of us to help her find Dora Taylor!

Priscilla Caldwell Message in a Bottle Belton Lake From Dora Taylor 1

The bottle that ferried Dora Taylor’s message in a bottle around Belton Lake for years. Photo: Priscilla Caldwell / Facebook.

The message this bottle held is just lovely–playful, funny, intriguing:

Priscilla Caldwell Message in a Bottle Belton Lake from Dora Taylor 3

Dora Taylor’s message in a bottle showing signs of age. Photo: Priscilla Caldwell / Facebook.

Hello! How are you? I’m Dora Taylor and I’m 12 years old. Every time I come to the lake I love to write letters and send them through the lake. I live in Temple, Texas. I used to pretend I was a princess but I decided to be for real. Well, I’m a black female. I have short hair. I like reading and I hate science. Well, my science teacher is a dodo. Wherever this letter goes I would like to say: God bless you and let him be with you at all times. I hope you get to read the poem footprints. I love sweets also. Maybe you can send letters through the water too. Maybe I’ll find one or two of your letters.

Thank you, Dora Taylor

Dora even wrote on the back of the message:

Priscilla Caldwell Message in a Bottle Belton Lake from From Dora Taylor 2

Back side of Dora Taylor’s message in a bottle. Photo: Priscilla Caldwell / Facebook.

Here’s a blue bonnet for good luck. Bye!

Where is Dora Taylor Today?

Initial internet searches have not turned up anything promising, which tells me that Dora has probably grown up in the time since she sent her message in a bottle. Maybe she even married and changed her name? The apparent age of the bottle would be consistent with this.

So, where is Dora Taylor today? Someone in Texas knows! I hope you’ll take a minute to spread the word and try to help find Dora Taylor who loved sweets and sending letters “through the water”!


Based on the bottle’s style and manufacture, I think this bottle was made (and acquired by Dora and stuffed with a note) between 1994 and 2005. This would mean she is between 25 and 37 years old today. Let’s find her!

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Dora Taylor Message in a Bottle Still in Bottle 2