Corinthians Message in a Bottle Found on Padre Island

Beachcomber extraordinaire husband and wife team Mike and Sandy were combing the shores of Padre Island in Texas in early April when Mike stumbled upon a wee bit of treasure – A message in a bottle! Once he opened the message he found it contained a verse from the Bible, as well as a pair of names that were a bit hard to read. Since no last names were offered, he’s hoping to share the message here and hopefully connect with the authors of this Corinthians message in a bottle, who seem to be named Mike and Britt…

Corinthians Message in a Bottle on Padre Island Shore.

Corinthians Message in a Bottle on Padre Island Shore.

Corinthians Message in a Bottle.

Corinthians Message in a Bottle.

Mike Seeks Authors of Bottled Note

“I found [a message in a bottle] 4-5-19 on Padre Island National Seashore that I could use some help with,” Mike wrote in an email to me. “It was written on a notepad from a resort in Saint Lucia and the writing was faded but I figured out the message to be a bible verse…1 Corinthians 13:13. BUT, the two first names I haven’t figured out yet. Could be Mike and Britt??? Might be a couple on a weddingtrip/honey moon? Dated 7-2018. I would love to figure out who the senders are and their story.”

Biblical message in a bottle.

Corinthians Message in a Bottle full text.

So that’s the mission folks! We are looking for Mike and Britt who stayed at the Sugar Beach resort in Saint Lucia during July of 2018. Let’s go find them!

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