In the Press!

Here are links to interviews, videos, and stories about my work in the press:

Profile in The Guardian

Profile in The Washington Post

CNN Profile – A Knack For Finding a Message in a Bottle

Profile and Bottle Opening in the Salt Lake Tribune

The following links cover a bottle I found in 2011, sent by Paul Tsiatsios decades ago. In the first video, I break it open. In the second, I learn about the sender and his daughter, Paula Pierce. In the third and fourth videos, I finally return the message in a bottle to the family of the man who sent it.

NBC’s LEX18 News – Here, I break open and read Paul Tsiatsios’s message

The CBS Early Show – Here I learn that Paul and his wife have passed away, but their daughter still runs the motel mentioned in the message in a bottle.

WCVB BostonWCVB Boston – After hanging onto and protecting her father’s message in a bottle for 5 years, I finally deliver it to Paula and her family. Pure joy!

WMUR – Another look a my reunion with Paula and the old message in a bottle.

Boston Globe – Of Time, Tide, and a Father’s Note – Coverage of me and Paula when I found her dad’s note.

ABC 4 Utah Part 1 – Seeking a message in a bottle sender.

ABC 4 Utah Part 2 – Finding a message in a bottle sender!

FOX News – Kentucky Man Spends Free Time Hunting for Messages in Bottles

WRadio – Interview With Colombian Radio Station

The Jono and Dano Show – Interview With Australian Radio Talk Show

Hartlepool Mail

Fredericksburg Freelance Star – Beach Find Launches Quest

Fredericksburg Freelance Star – Tide Washes Up Blissful Memories

The Lebanon Democrat

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  1. Just found a green bottle with a blue glass stopper , with a red star inside on the beach between Hastings & Winchelsea , clearly been in the water sometime , probably French Calvados bottle or similar

  2. Anonymous said:

    Enjoyed the stories, inspiring me to send a message in a bottle…

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