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Couple Discovers Bottled Wedding Vows in Cancun

A while back, a reader wrote to me of a lovely message in a bottle he and his wife found while they were on vacation at Excellence Riviera Cancun north of Puerto Morelos, Mexico, in November of 2014. The message in a bottle contained heartfelt wedding vows to “Danielle”. Now, I hope to help find the person who sent that message in a bottle. But I need your help!

Here’s where the bottle was found:


Zoom in a little bit:


“Matt” — the finder of the bottled wedding vows — told me of his discovery:

“My wife and I took a walk south along the beach a couple of miles,” he wrote in a message to me.

But it seems the beaches in that area were overwhelmed with washed up seaweed.

“The seaweed didn’t make for a pleasant walk like we were used to, so we turned around and headed back,” Matt wrote. “Just as we passed the big pier right outside of Puerto Morelos, I spotted the bottle.”



“People were walking up and down the beach all day,” Matt wrote, “so I was shocked when I picked it up and saw what it was.  Hundreds of people had to have passed it and ignored it.  We took it back to the resort with us and opened it up.  We were surprised at how legible the message was considering that the sand inside was damp and clumpy.  I took a couple quick snapshots of the message, closed it back up, and packed it away.”



Finders of Message in a Bottle Wedding Vows Seek Author and Their Beloved

Once again, we have a mystery on our hands. But one thing is not a mystery: Danielle is loved, and that love is now shared among us. Let’s let Danielle and her partner know that their message has been received! All you have to do to find gloom and doom is glance at the news. I say we take this opportunity to spread a little love.

Please share this story! We can spread the love, AND we might just find Danielle along the way!

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