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Mysterious Message in a Bottle Found in Washington, USA

Some messages in bottles are straight to the point, like Janet Rockware’s message in a bottle. Others are more mysterious–sometimes they are even impossible to figure out, like the dollar bill covered in scribbles I found. Well, Gordon Guthrie wrote me today to share an exceedingly mysterious message in a bottle that he found on the beach in Westport, Washington, USA. Here it is.

Gordon Guthrie Mysterious Message in a Bottle 1

Mysterious Message in a Bottle found by Gordon Guthrie in Westport, Washington, USA. Photo: Gordon Guthrie.

Gordon Guthrie Mysterious Message in a Bottle 2

Drawing in a bottle found by Gordon Guthrie in Westport, Washington, USA, 2018. Photo: Gordon Guthrie.

That’s it–that’s the whole thing.

“Best of luck” is all it says. It appears to be signed “V + VII”. These are the Roman for the number 5 and the number 7.

Gordon can’t make any sense of the message, and to tell you the truth, I can’t either!

Mysterious Message in a Bottle Drawing – Is it Art? A Puzzle? A Challenge? Or Pure Nonsense?

So here we are again–me asking for your help. Do you have any idea what this message is about? What does “Best of luck” mean? Is it just a wish for the good luck of the finder? Or is it more like a taunt–like, “Check out the puzzle-drawing I made…Best of luck figuring it out!”

On that note–does anyone out there have any interest in cryptography or symbology, etc.? If you know someone who loves visual puzzles, please forward this to them!

To me the drawing looks like:

  1. A bagel with three holes instead of one.
  2. A terrifying alien face with two big eyes and one heart-shaped mouth.
  3. A spirograph experiment gone wrong.

If you have any better ideas, please drop me a line! Gordon would love to know the story behind this message in a bottle, and I would too. If you ask me, it looks like someone spent real time and effort on this (even the paper is interesting) and I bet they would like to be found. So let’s go for it!

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