1993 Message in a Bottle Found in Oklahoma Lake from Sarah Hendrickson

Hi all! Just a quick post today in hopes of reaching Sarah Hendrickson of Woodbridge, Virginia. According to Tulsa’s 2 News that back in 1993, she sent a message in a bottle in a lake in Oklahoma. This week, it was found by Aimee Gelinas and her husband Josh while they were gathering driftwood for their landscaping business.

Aimee is super excited about the find, and told 2 News in Tulsa “I hope that she reaches out to me–I think I would even travel to give it to her wherever she might be…I’m so excited to hand it back to her!”

Interestingly, Woodbridge, VA., is just up the road from Fredericksburg, where Ed and Carol Meyers were married a year before they sent a message in a bottle I found 🙂

Here’s hoping we can find Sarah and learn why she sent her message in a bottle!

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***UPDATE! This message in a bottle has been solved! Click here for the second part of the story 🙂