Howdy folks! Today’s post is a plea for your help: I found a message in a bottle from someone named Ray who lives in Philadelphia, but I need help finding Ray!


Ray used a Gatorade bottle for the message:


I found it on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean in May, 2015–and it’s a good thing I found it when I did! Check out the cap on this thing:

IMG_2590Now, this message is pretty much invisible, but with some scrutiny, I was able to read it–the date it was sent was May 16th, 2014. I found it May 17th, 2015, exactly one year and one day after it was sent. But that’s crazy, right?! Look how broken up and deteriorated the cap is!

Just goes to show you that many types of plastic break down quickly in the ocean. I’m not sure how much longer this plastic bottle would have protected the message, but I’m glad it held out long enough for me to get there (and yep, I took all the little plastic scraps from the lid with me when I picked it up 🙂 ).

The message was pretty much invisible…Check it out.



Ridiculous, right?! I know. It took me a long time to figure out how to see the writing. I was able to kind of capture it in this one photo. I mean, I took a million photos, but here’s the only one where anything is visible, and you’re gonna have to zoom in and look close…


Believe it or not, there’s actually a lot of writing on this piece of paper! Here’s what I have been able to decipher:

Hi, my name is Ray. Just wanted to say hi. If you find this bottle, I put it in the water 5-16-14. I live in Philadelphia. Let me know what day you found this. Give me a call (gives number). I was on a cruise.

The phone number is impossible to read besides the 267 area code, which is for Philly. I tried figuring out the remaining numbers and calling–but didn’t get Ray.

Here’s what I know: Someone named Ray from Philadelphia sent this message in a bottle while on a Carnival cruise in May 2014. I know Ray is curious and friendly, and I know that I want to make contact.

I guess I could go to Philly and wander around yelling, “Ray! Ray! Ray!” But I’m hoping that asking for help here and on my Facebook page will do the trick 🙂 Will you help me find Ray by sharing this post? Or the Facebook post linked above?

We can do this!