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Stefanie's Message

Yesterday a fellow beachcomber contacted me in her quest for the senders of a bottle filled with several messages. She found the bottle as it was floating to shore at Hermosa Beach in California–I mean, AS IT WAS FLOATING TO SHORE! How cool is that?!

The messages appear to be birthday greetings. Only first names are given, and no contact info, so this is a big mystery!

The messages are all in German, so I think the senders are going to be located somewhere like Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

The first names on the messages are Jirko, Ines & Rudiger (as a pair), and Jens & Silke (as a pair).

Here’s a link to the story that Easy Reader published, with lots more pictures and background info: Mysterious German Message in a Bottle Found on Hermosa Beach

Stefanie has been all over this, trying to locate the senders. We’ve both been investigating leads online through social media–but she could still use your help! If you think you have any leads, feel free to respond to the post or contact me via the contact link on the left, and I will pass along your help to Stefanie!

Let’s solve this mystery!