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My friends, we have a mystery to solve!

On January 12th, 2017, Nomo Online published a brief article–just a wee little paragraph–about a man named Bernd Igwerks who had just found a message in a bottle sent in 1970.


Bernd Igwerks, with the 46 Year Old Message in a Bottle He Found. Photo courtesy: Nomo Online / nomo-norderney.de

Whoa. That caught my eye! As best I could tell, they planned to mail their article to the address on the message–but that was all. If the people living there didn’t know James, the story would die. I couldn’t let that happen!

I was hooked. I mean, look at this thing!


“Donkeyman” James Robertson’s Message in a Bottle from 1970. Found by Bernd Igwerks. Photo courtesy: Nomo Online / nomo-norderney.de

Donkeyman?! I love it!

At first I thought this was a nickname, mainly because it is in quotation marks. But I’ve learned that “Donkeyman” is a position in the engine room on certain kinds of boats. So, probably this guy worked on board ships.

I am always amazed by the power of the internet–a consequence of growing up before it was around, I guess. I know that, together, we can find James Robertson of 42 Sleigh Drive, Edinburgh (1970).

So, today, I’m asking for your help connecting two men I’ve never met, and maybe you haven’t either. There’s something special to be shared between them–the magical connection of a message in a bottle that opens the door to friendship. With your help, we can connect two men who have lived their whole lives an ocean apart…

So, please please please share this post and spread the word: We are looking for a man named James Robertson who lived on Sleigh Drive in Edinburgh in 1970. Let’s find him!

Read more at: The Herald – Scotland