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One crazy day in 2008, I found two messages in bottles on an uninhabited Caribbean island.

I’ve already told the story of the message on the right, which was from a woman named Janet.

But the one on the left is a different story…

I found it jammed under a rock ledge on a section of rocky coast.  This is how rocky the coast was. Like my high socks?


Check out those socks! AND those rocks…

I found the bottles on my mom’s birthday. For her birthday present, my mom chose to open the plastic bottle.

So, sitting there on the blue/floral couch you see above (with my mom’s knees in the bottom right corner!), my mom opened this bottle.  My dad was there, too, and all three of us were completely stunned when she pulled these out of the bottle:

Stunned, I tell you! It’s stunning, right?  On the back side of the guy playing steel drums was this message:

Now let’s zoom in on the sketches:

“The Caribbean”

“Bathsheba” – Barbados

“Sledging in Trinidad”

Madness!  Who puts artwork in a bottle and then tosses it into the sea?!

John Piper, apparently.  That’s who.  But…who was he?

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