Beautiful Message in a Bottle Found

I have seen a lot of messages in bottles over the years, so it takes something pretty special to leave me speechless. But the beautiful message in a bottle Lisa Bourgeois recently found left me at a complete loss for words. What can I possibly say about this loving, deeply heartfelt, bittersweet letter to make you love it more than you will by simply letting you read it? It’s so deeply moving, so full of love and sadness and beauty and…just…life, that I had to share it. Thanks to Lisa for sharing her breathtakingly lovely find.

All that’s left to say is this: The following message is deeply, deeply personal. The author used only her first name and her love’s first name. Maybe I could have shared their names here, too, but I feel they deserve complete anonymity.

Life and Love in a Bottle

The author, whose name I have changed to “Martha,” clearly did not wish to be contacted by the finder of this bottled note, because she included no contact information. Instead of trying to piece together the fragments of evidence in this message in order to find her, I ask you–in an unusual twist–to NOT try to solve this message. Just appreciate it. I think we can all manage to appreciate Martha’s beautiful message in a bottle while also respecting her privacy.

Martha’s message is too lovely not to share, after all. It is a gift to us all–a reminder to cherish the people we love, a reminder that any of them could be taken from us at any time, or us from them, a reminder that in our short, short time on earth, it is up to us to love widely with an open heart and make this pale blue dot a better place. We’re all we’ve got, people. Let us live and love like Martha.

Martha's beautiful message in a bottle to John on the beach.

Martha’s beautiful message in a bottle to John on the beach. Photo: Lisa Bourgeois.

Beautiful message in a bottle close up.

Photo: Lisa Bourgeois.

My Dearest Loving John,

God took you away from me Dec. 15, 2017. My love for you has and will never end even in death. You are the love of my life, my soul mate, and my faithful partner at work and at home. We made a beautiful daughter together who is so much like you.

Writing this is so hard for me but I hope this reaches you in heaven. There were so many things we were to do together, but God has take you from us and put you in a better place.

I wish deeply in my heart that I could have five more minutes with you, to hold your hand, kiss your lips, and feel your arms wrapped around me.

I’m throwing this bottle into the ocean in Florida where we made love on night under the stars. A night I will never forget. John I love you so much and I know this will never end the pain and emptiness I feel without you. My God keep you safe until I join you in heaven.

Your loving wife,

Martha  2/14/18  USA

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