Sometimes, people send messages in bottles not to find love, or friendship, or to express regret, or to say goodbye. Sometimes, a message in a bottle is sent simply as an expression of love. I was touched by a story submitted to me by Massiel Tunnell, who stumbled upon a message in a bottle just last weekend on the beach in front of her property while out walking with her family.

Here she is!

Masiel Tunnell

This is where she found the message in a bottle:

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.30.20 AM.png

Here’s her story:

We were walking on the beach in front of our property: Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatán (fisherman town). 

Massiel's Beach.jpg

Besides the crazy amount of trash that comes to shore every day, I spotted the two shells (in the bottle) shining. First I thought it was a tampon! LOL!

Masiell Message in a Bottle

Then I stopped and picked it up. My kids Jimmy (9) and Mary Grace (5) were so excited! My husband helped to open it and it was in Spanish and French!

Masiell MIB 2

Masiell MIB 3

Here’s the rough translation of Massiel’s note:

This is not a goodbye–bust just one more sweet word. You will always shine in me and us all. I love you, little worm

Massiel says finding the note has made her feel “Lots of feelings: happy because it is a treasure. Sad because it sounds like somebody died. It feels very personal, and I’d like to meet/connect and know the story behind this.”

Okay! Let’s work a little internet magic and help Massiel search for the sender of this note!