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Message in a Bottle Found

I recently heard from Alison, a woman who found a message in a bottle and immediately felt the same surprise and awe at that experience that keeps me addicted 🙂 Message in a bottle magic is powerful stuff!

“I have been an avid beachcomber all my life with a recent passion for sea glass hunting,” she said.

“I was walking alone at Nauset Beach in March [2017], it was in the mid-30s, overcast, windy and raw. Sometimes my sea glass hunts turn into beach cleanup, but when I went to pick up what I thought was a piece of trash, I was astounded to see a message in the bottle! I started shaking and I think my heart skipped a couple beats!”

Message in a bottle magic - Alison with her find.

I was amazed by how Alison’s description matched the way I feel: That heart-stopping moment when you know everything is changing because you are connected to a total stranger; that sudden flush of adrenaline that makes you shake like a leaf.

Alison Connects with Message in a Bottle Sender

“I looked around to see if I was being pranked,” she went on, “but there was no one in sight because of the weather. I then read the note inside, dated October 18, 2010 and realized something truly amazing was unfolding! The note was sent by a woman while on a girls’ trip to Manomet Beach in Plymouth and signed ‘K. Bucher’ with a phone number that I determined to be in Florida. Still shaking, I sent a text message to the number with my picture holding the bottle. It turned out to be her work from which she is now retired, but someone in her office forwarded the message to her personal # and we connected!”

Alison says they “were happy to find each other and ponder that mighty little bottle’s journey over almost 7 years.”

You might think that would be the end of the story, but Alison has bigger plans! One friendship from that bottle? Not enough!

“Kim has a group of girlfriends she has traveled with for years and so do I,” Alison wrote. “I’m hoping we can meet up and join forces some day!”

Imagine that! This bottle could end up being responsible for a whole slew of meaningful connections! That’s message in a bottle magic for you.

Alison concluded: “This was a truly magical experience: my love of the beach, the thrill of the unexpected, connecting with people in meaningful ways – this really brought it all home for me. This is what life is supposed to be – a great adventure!”

I couldn’t say it better myself.

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Message in a bottle magic - Alison's find.