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Cruise Ship Message in a Bottle Found

On May 30th, 2007, a couple from Little Rock, Arkansas were on a cruise when they decided to send a message in a bottle. Their message was sweet and simple. A few years later, my mom found this message in a bottle while she was beachcombing with my dad. We all marveled at the note and loved it for its good-spirited message:

Cruise Ship message in a bottle - Arkansas

5 – 30 – 07

To whom it concerns:

Hope you are having a great day, your health is good & you live a long and prosperous life.

With love,

Larry & Ja(mie?)

Little Rock, AR


Search for the Message in a Bottle Senders Stalls

Today, I can’t help thinking that I, too, hope we have long and prosperous lives, because it might take a while to find these folks!

There was one obvious problem, of course: No contact info. Not even last names! All we had here were first names and a hometown. In fact, we have only one definite first name–Larry. The second name looks to me like Jamie. But…am I seeing it right? What do you think it says? Could it be Janice? And if it is Jamie–is it spelled Jamie? Or Jaime? Perhaps even Janie? The scant contact info reminded me of a cruise ship message in a bottle I found a while back.

There were too many unknowns.

And so, the message was set aside in hopes that we would find time one day to seek out help connecting with the senders from Arkansas. And, like the One Ring at the bottom of the River Anduin, it was forgotten.

Search for Message in a Bottle Senders Reignited!

Flash forward to Christmas 2016–my whole family together, kids everywhere, adults cooking, movies and music going all the time…total holiday chaos.

I slipped away to examine the little stockpile of my parents’ unsolved messages. That’s when I stumbled on this one. The dream of connecting with Larry and Jamie/Janie/Janice was reborn!

So, almost another year later, I’m finally asking for your help: Please please please share this post! Someone you know might just be able to help solve this mystery and connect my mom with the senders of her cruise ship message in a bottle.

What we know: Larry and Jamie (well, probably Jamie), were on a Royal Caribbean Cruise on May 30th, 2007. They lived in Little Rock, Arkansas at the time. They are nice, kind people.

We know they were on a Royal Caribbean Cruise because that’s the faded logo up in the corner:

Cruise ship message in a bottle - Royal Caribbean faded logoCruise ship message in a bottle - Royal Caribbean Logo

And that’s about it. If you think you might know these folks, please drop me a line!

If you don’t know them, but have friends or family in Arkansas, please share it with them! Together, we can make a little message in a bottle magic 🙂

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***UPDATE! This message has been solved, and we found the senders! Click here to see the rest of the story.***