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Message in a Book Found in Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Here’s a head scratcher for you: A 26-year-old message in a book has been found in Message in a Bottle. Yep. You read that right! This week, A copy of Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks bought in a Plymouth, NH thrift store was found to contain a mysterious letter, an obituary, and three memorial cards, according to NH1. Now, Kaycee Travis, who bought the book and found the letter, cards, and obituary inside is looking for the owner of the letter. She signed her name only as Lori.

Message in a Book Mystery

A copy of Nicholas Sparks’s Message in a Bottle contained a mysterious letter, an obituary, and three memorial cards. Photo: Kaycee Travis / NH1.

Message in a Book is a Loving Letter to Grandparents

The letter found in the book is simple and beautiful. It’s just a letter from a grandchild to their grandparent, expressing love, sharing news and hope for the future (photo below). One helpful detail is that the author of the letter, Lori, mentions that she has applied to Hesser College in Manchester, NH. Well, Hesser College was renamed Mount Washington College in the years after this letter was written, and has since shuttered entirely.

But the most valuable information is in the obituary itself. According to NH1:

“The obituary for Miller said he lived in Raymond but also had relatives in Dover.

Miller also had a wife of 63 years, Pauline Miller, and the couple had two daughters together as well as a deceased son.

The first daughter is Marlene Dionne, of Raymond, and the second is Carol Nelson, of St. Petersburg, Florida.”

Message in a book - Obituary

Elwin W. Miller, Sr. obituary found along with the message in a book. Photo: Kaycee Travis / NH1.

Kaycee Travis, the woman who found the message in a book, told NH1 “I am hoping someone sees this and can put me in contact with them to give them these few things, as well as the book they were in…I am sure it would mean a lot to them to have these things back.”

Want to Solve a Message in a Book Mystery? Help Find Lori!

In addition to the family information from the obituary, there are a few other potentially helpful details. One is that Elwin W. Miller, Sr. worked for R. G. Watkins Construction of Amesbury, Massachusetts until he retired. Also, he was a member of both the Tucker Freemasons Lodge in Raymond and the Raymond Sportsmen’s Club. It might just be possible that, if we can get in touch with these organizations, they could point us in the right direction. I’ll certainly try to get word of this to them! But you might be wondering: How can you help?

Message in a book - Lori's Letter

Message in a Book – Kaycee Travis found this letter in a copy of Nicholas Sparks’s Message in a Bottle in a New Hampshire thrift store. Photo: Kaycee Travis / NH1.

Well, as the internet proves time and again, the best way to find people in cases of long lost letters, messages in bottles, etc., is simply to share the story. So, if you want to help solve this message in a book mystery, spread the word! Let’s find Lori and get her letter back to her!

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