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A Message in a Bottle from Socorra

On April 30th, 2017, a woman named Katie was walking the shores of Ocean City, Maryland, looking for shells when she spotted an unusual bottle in the lapping waves. Inside was a piece of paper! On a different day, it seems, a woman named Socorra had sent a message in a bottle…

Socorra Message in a Bottle Still in Bottle

The tiny scroll inside held a message that was very small, but somehow very big.

On the front side, just a name and a simple heart:

Socorra message in a bottle side one

Hi. I am Socorra from Philadelphia, PA.

On the back, a spiritual declaration:

Socorra message in a bottle side 2

God will bless you know matter what.

Where is Socorra from Philly?

With a message so short, and just a first name, it would be crazy to try to find the sender…right? But of course, my friends, crazy doesn’t stop us here at Message in a Bottle Hunter!

With your help, stranger things have happened

I say we spread the word about Katie’s find and try to connect with Socorra from Philly. Something tells me she would cherish this small miracle 🙂

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