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English / Chinese Message in a Bottle Found

John Morrissey was in the midst hiking Australia’s 250 kilometer Great South West Walk (that’s over 155 miles) when he discovered a bottle covered in barnacles and containing a small note on the southwestern shore near Portland, Victoria. Now, he’s asking for help locating the sender of this English and Chinese message in a bottle. Look at this thing!

Chinese Message in a Bottle - John Morrissey Finishing Hike

Chinese Message in a Bottle - John Morrissey's Find

Chinese Message in a Bottle - John Morrissey's Find 2

What Does the Message in a Bottle Say?

I cannot read Chinese, and, in fact, this is the only Chinese message in a bottle I have ever been alerted of, so any translations you can offer might help. I have no idea if the Chinese text repeats the English text.

Chinese Message in a Bottle - Close up of message

The writer’s name appears to be Shi Guan Yong. I have no idea what Chian means–could it be a town?

One thing’s for sure–John has not been able to find the author of this English & Chinese message in a bottle, but there’s a good chance we can if everyone helps spread the word!

Stay tuned–I’ll post an update if John and the author of this message in a bottle are able to make contact.

Now, John’s discovery joins some of the other fascinating messages in bottles that have washed up in Australia, like these.

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