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Canadian Boy’s Message in a Bottle Found

Ines went to the beach one day in September to send a message in a bottle. Little did she know, she would find a message in a bottle the same day! It would turn out to be a Canadian boy’s message in a bottle.

“I found the bottle on the 24th of September,” she wrote me, “on one of the beaches (I think it is called Second beach) of Stanley Peninsula in Vancouver, BC. I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of the bottle on the actual beach!”

Canadian Boy's Message in a Bottle: Ines's message in a bottle just before she opened it.

The message in a bottle Ines found, just before she opened it (not on the beach). Photo: Ines.

Canadian boy's message in a bottle: The beach where Ines found her message in a bottle.

The beach where Ines found a message in a bottle, taken just minutes before she found it. Photo: Ines.

“I was (and still am) really thrilled about it all,” Ines added. “I had myself sent a message in a bottle on that same day (but at a different location)! So when I saw it, I thought ‘What the heck is that? It cannot be my bottle, can’t it? How did it make it here?!’ and then ‘It is not my bottle! How can one find a bottle with a message on the same day when one throws a bottle with a message?’ Isn’t it a weird story?!”
Yep, I’d say that’s pretty bizarre! I have never heard of someone–not once–who found a message in a bottle while sending their own. Really, this hobby is not THAT popular. The chances of this are astronomically small.

Ines’s map showing where she found the bottle and where it may have come from.

What did the Candian boy’s message in a bottle say?

Oh yeah! How do we know it’s a Canadian boy’s message in a bottle? Well, here’s what Ines found in the bottle:

Canadian Boy's message in a bottle: One page of the note.

A page of Andrew Smith’s message in a bottle. Photo: Ines.

Hi! My name is Andrew Smith. I wish to become an author for writing fiction. I live in a city called Richmond, B.C. close to Steveston. If you want to believe in your true inner strengths rather than weaknesses, th[e]n go ahead and do it.

Canadian Boy's message in a bottle: Second page of Andrew Smith's message.

Page 2 of Andrew Smith’s message in a bottle. Photo: Ines.

This second page contains a great drawing of a pirate ship (Ahoy, Matee!) sailing on a sunny ocean! It reminds me of a mysterious drawing recently found in a bottle on Devon’s north coast which I posted about (click here for that story).

I wish I could be as free as the ocean. Whoever gets this, I hope you know to be yourself. Your perfect and stay strong because your not alone. I’m sending this from Vancouver, BC. Believe that anything is possible if you just try. This will sail across the ocean to whoever you are who gets this and I hope to help and inspire you.

By golly, this is just about the sweetest and most uplifting message in a bottle I’ve heard of in a long time. It may not have traveled all that far, but as I always say, the magic of messages in bottles has little to do with time or distance–it’s about the connection, the friendship made possible.

Now, Ines hopes to connect with Andrew. I didn’t find any good candidates in a bit of searching, so I’m hoping you guys can help them connect!

Andrew Smith of Richmond, BC: Your message in a bottle has been found!

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