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Uplifting Message in a Bottle’s Author Has Been Found

When Laura Barnard of New South Wales, Australia, found a message in a bottle at Entrance Beach in early November, she posted about it on Facebook in hopes of finding the uplifting message in a bottle’s author — a 5-year-old boy named Flynn. Within a day, her post had been shared more than 600 times. That number quickly grew to over a thousand shares. Australia’s 7 News did a story about Laura’s find (though it should be noted that the video in that story is, confusingly, about a totally different message in a bottle), and I joined in the hunt with my previous post. Well, as if to prove the point that messages in bottles bring people together, thousands of strangers helped to spread the word about Laura’s find–and now, Flynn has been found!

The uplifting message in a bottle's author, Flynn, has been found!

The uplifting message in a bottle’s author, Flynn, has been found!

How Laura Barnard Found the Message in a Bottle

Laura was “Just walking the dog, relaxing after another long week of radiation,” as she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Then, just like that, she stumbled upon Flynn’s bottled note with her partner, Mark. She said that it felt like the message “came at the right time” as she was in need of a bit of cheer.

Uplifting message in a bottle's author used a test-tube for his message. Uplifting message in a bottle's author was young boy named Flynn.

Naturally, Laura wanted to find Flynn and thank him for his message, which included the wish that the finder have “a wonderful life”. But as Flynn was just 5 years old, it was not possibly to simply look him up in the phone book. Thus the search began, including Laura’s post and my previous post.

Social Media Campaign Reaches Uplifting Message in a Bottle’s Author

On Tuesday, November 7th, Laura updated her Facebook post to say that she had found Flynn and his family!

“Thanks to all [who] shared…We have found the little man,” she wrote on Facebook, “[we have] spoken to his mum [and] we are hoping to send up a little present and a card for him,” adding that they would love to “get together if we can”. 

Laura added, “For me it was a lovely sign that things will work out,” and that “it may not [have] traveled far but everything happens for a reason…”

So often, even messages in bottles that don’t travel far have a big impact on both finder and sender. That’s because it doesn’t matter how long a message in a bottle is at sea. What’s important is the nearly magical connection that comes from the bottled letter.

“It was a lovely message from him to get,” she wrote, “It really did make my day.”

“Thanks so much Flynn,” she added, “You really did place a smile on our faces!”

Laura and her partner, Mark, all smiles!

Another message in a bottle mystery solved thanks to everyone who share the search for the letter’s author!

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