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Message in a Bottle to a Beautiful Mind Found Near Seattle, Washington

I am always intrigued by the sentiments people decide to include in messages in bottles. I don’t send them myself (I co-signed one, once), but I imagine I would be long-winded, philosophizing about life, the universe, and everything. However, loads of people prefer to be far briefer. Some don’t write words at all–they only include drawings, like this message in a bottle found in England recently. Another drawing included just a few words and washed ashore recently in Westport, Washington, just southwest from Seattle & Port Townsend. Well, this week, a message in a bottle was found by Laurel Burik on Indian Island near Port Townsend, and not too terribly far from Seattle, according to the PT Leader. The letter inside was quite brief–more of a declaration than a letter. It said, simply, “I am in love with a beautiful mind.” Isn’t that a sweet thing to say? I guess it’s not so much a message in a bottle to a beautiful mind as a message in a bottle honoring a beautiful mind. 

Here’s the message in a bottle, unopened:

Message in a Bottle to a Beautiful Mind Unopened

Message in a Bottle to a Beautiful Mind, Unopened. Photo: Laurel Burik / PT Leader.

Who Sent This Message in a Bottle to a Beautiful Mind?

This message in a bottle is as mysterious as it is lovely and simple. The PT Leader suggests it might be signed by someone named Axel (which strikes me as a wonderfully Pacific Northwest kind of name–grunge forever! 🙂 ). They also see initials which look like “JM”. What do you think?

Message in a Bottle to a Beautiful Mind full text

Message in a bottle to a beautiful mind, with heart rock paperweight. Photo: Laurel Burik / PT Leader.

And while we’re at it, what is the little symbol between “Axel” and “JM”. Is it simply a plus sign? I mean this right here–what is it?

Message in a bottle to a beautiful mind plus sign.

If that is an “and” or “plus” sign, then that could mean that the message was sent by two people (though clearly signed by only one). Perhaps they are both declaring their love for the other’s mind? Two people with one shared message for/about each other?

On the other hand, it could just be Axel’s version of carving “Axel + JM” into a tree or something. If that were the case, then JM would have no idea that this message in a bottle exists. That makes me wonder: Should we try to find them? Let them know about Axel’s message?

Or is this just the kind of mysterious message that we admire for its simple, sweet declaration of love? It is refreshing in any case to see a declaration of love built on admiration for the mind instead of the body.

Message in a Bottle to a Beautiful Mind is Just One in a Sea of Mysteries

Whether we find Axel, or JM, or not, this message in a bottle is delightful and intriguing. And as I mentioned at the beginning, it is just one in a long line of mysterious, enigmatic, fascinating messages in bottles. If you’d like to see some other humdingers, check out the following:

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